Wednesday Addams; another return, another hit



The official promotional release art of Netflix’s hit show, Wednesday.

Luke Thompson, Reporter

You drive your way to 001 Cemetery Lane to find the old house that holds the Addams Family. From 1964 to 2022, we’ve had many new exciting stories relating to the famous bunch. This time, we finally have another true installment to the quirky series. Wednesday is a new show streaming on Netflix that involves, well, Wednesday. While attending Nevermore Academy, Wednesday tries to master her psychic ability, stop a killing spree, and solve a mystery involving her parents from 25 years ago. 

Wednesday, named after Morticia Addams’ favorite nursery rhyme, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe,” is a dark, quiet person and the show presents this perfectly. The casting from Tim Burton with Jenna Ortega portraying Wednesday was a great decision with their dedication towards their roles and towards the success of the film. Ortega trained to fit perfectly with Wednesday. She went through weeks of fencing and learning how to play the cello which you can see from the first episode, it paid off. 

The series was able to surpass the current record for most time watched in one week held by Stranger Things season four with 340+ million hours. TikTok is also a huge part in the massive triumph the series got. For the past few weeks, TikTok’s newest trend is the dance scene from episode four of Wednesday dancing to ‘Goo Goo Muck’, which Ortega practiced for diligently.

Some of the reactions after the first season are a hit. Lots of fans are saying Ortega was born to play as Wednesday and that all the actors played their roles perfectly to bring these famous characters to life once again. This is one of the best pieces from the Addams Family and it is a must watch.

Alfred Gough and Miles Millar said that the show has a lot of potential for upcoming seasons which is great to hear because this show presents the true nature of the Addams Family perfectly, making me immediately want more from Wednesday. Even with the series’ already massive fanbase, it deserves so much more. If you haven’t already, this show is a must-watch and you cannot miss it.