Paige Wisneski dedicates herself to volleyball


Sara Sobik

Junior Paige Wisneski hits the ball into Lake Howell territory.

When Paige Wisneski opens the doors of the gym, she sees the lights shining off the floor. She hears the student section cheering in the stands, the energy of the crowd lights up the room, instantly knowing the great game to come.

Wisneski is currently a junior and has been playing volleyball for over eight years. To get to where she’s at now has been a long journey. Years of long practices, late nights, and hard work can all be deemed towards Wisneski’s success as a player for the Lions. 

“It takes a lot of just time and effort, showing your dedication and your motivation to your sport, just like actually loving the sport and playing with your heart all the time,” Wisneski said. 

In volleyball, each of the six players have their own position with its own role, Wisneski’s position being a setter. The setter’s job is to set the ball up to the hitters who then score the ball by slamming it over the net. It is a very selfless position that allows her to help the team to score.

“I like being a leader, helping my team on the court and off the court, it helps us combine as a group together to be able to get the job done, get what we need to get done and just vibe as a team and have fun, which is the main goal,” Wisneski said.

This year Wisneski made her thousandth assist and this achievement was a huge milestone for her and her volleyball career. 

“I feel proud, just seeing how far I have come since freshman year.. just as a person and a player,” Wisneski said. “I am thankful that I have such great teammates and coaches who have helped push me to achieve this accomplishment.”

Wisneski is just one of the many players that help make the lady Lions such a strong team, greatly contributing to the incredible volleyball season.