God Did, but Kanye West didn’t

The long overdue cancellation of Kanye West has finally been made

Luke Thompson, Reporter

Once self-proclaimed God, Kanye West (Ye), has fallen from grace. No longer being worth a billion bucks, the artist has finally been canceled after years of controversies – dropping down to only being 400 million. West is an American rapper and an internet yuck factor. His numerous counts of acts on the internet have led him to his downfall. Due to his recent behavior, businesses like Adidas, Balenciaga, Peloton, Skechers, and TJ Maxx have removed him and any Kanye-related content from their advertisements and products. West was planning on making a new documentary that would’ve included West’s life and featured Lebron James, called “Jeen Yuh’s”. However, the studio company, MRC, has scrapped it. 

West made some hateful anti-semitic statements. Making Tweets like, “I’m going death con 3 on Jewish people”, and a few weeks ago at the Paris Fashion Week YZY Show, he was found wearing a white T-Shirt that was labeled “White Lives Matter”. This isn’t anything new coming from West. For the longest time now in his career, he’s always been a fool with his public beliefs. He also publicly stated that slavery was a “choice”. For years now, society has been against West, sharing how much of a disgusting person he really is. I don’t understand how we’re just now realizing he needed to be stopped.

West has also been terminated from all of his social platforms, like Instagram and Twitter. The once-prized rapper was posting more anti-semitic content and that violated the policies of the platforms. 

Another sickening fact about this is that he doesn’t regret saying a single thing. West thinks he has done the right thing – and is trying to defend himself from the businesses that have recently dropped him. He’s even making claims that the famous brands he partnered with had either stolen something or made false accusations. 

Why would someone (having a billion dollars under their name) think it’s a good idea to post and say these things without any repercussions? West thinks that he’s over everyone and can just share whatever and expect it to be the right thing. His ego is so massive that it is dangerous. West may have his power financially, however, he does not have power over people. That does not give him – or anyone – the right to publicly share these anti-semitic beliefs.