New security measures enforced at homecoming


Kaden Bryant

A security worker wands an incoming student before homecoming begins.

Tobey Teeter, Reporter

While the homecoming dance has received a tarnished reputation due to a potential gun threat, this year, Oviedo High School was determined to keep everyone safe. The security guards and other OHS staff were on high alert during this year’s dance. With, for example, guards and security officers wanding students before they came into the dance, in case of any potential threat.

Ryan Meyer is a school resource officer at Oviedo High School and contributed to the increased security at this year’s homecoming dance. His main priority during homecoming was that every student would return home safely and that no student would be concerned about potential violence or other threats.

“We had more security and more other officers from Seminole County and from Oviedo to work with, just to help make sure everyone’s safe going to the dance,” Meyer said. “The goal was for everyone to go home safe,” he added.

OHS administration stressed that, for students to have fun without stress, they had to have visible security at the homecoming dance. Many students felt peace of mind with the increased security, as they knew that they would be safe from any potential threats.

Jeremiah Goodwin is a sophomore that appreciated the security at homecoming. He believes that the security lessened the fears of his classmates.

“The new security measures were fine. If there were no security measures, it would be a little worrying,” Goodwin said. “I think people had an overall good time at homecoming, I know I did.”

Sophomore Charles Anderson felt much safer at the homecoming dance this year.

“The new security measure was better than last year. I know I would not have felt safe if there were none,” Anderson said. “Because of the security and new environment, I felt safe.”