Clayton Mitchell and Jonathan Dishman share a great bond through wrestling


Joshua Sabbia

Jonathan Dishman takes down his competition during a match at the Master’s Academy.

With having to befriend new teammates, learn from a different coach, and adapt to a unique environment, beginning a sport can be difficult for many aspiring athletes – especially if you have no prior experience in the sport or even know anyone on the team. Having someone who wants to join the sport with you can make the process a lot easier.

For juniors Clayton Mitchell and Jonathan Dishman, this is a sentiment held dearly to them. The duo began wrestling their freshman year at OHS. In the beginning of their high school careers, both of them struggled with finding a sport to play, but then found wrestling. While at first reluctant to join, the two’s friendship inspired each other to join.

“Clayton was telling me about wrestling and to come to practice and I’ve loved it ever since,” Dishman said.

Throughout their time in wrestling, the two always hang out with each other on and off the mat. Because of their bond, they drive each other to work the hardest they can in the wrestling room.

“We both benefit from each other because we always work together to help improve ourselves,” Mitchell said.

Both Mitchell and Dishman qualified for and competed in regionals the previous year and are now looking to make it to states. Clayton had a win-loss record of 22-15 last year, and Jonathan had a record of 13-11. This year, the two are more determined because they are in their junior year and are more experienced as wrestlers.

Wrestling is a sport that requires lots of time. With two hour practices after school five days a week, the sport can be draining for some. What makes it easier for Mitchell and Dishman is having each other to hang out with during these long hours.

“After practice sometimes we go and get McDonald’s because of how hungry we get after working out, and it bonds us as a team better,” said Clayton.

Going out to eat is something that really promotes team bonding. It truly brings the team together and allows people to get to know each other better. It definitely was the way that they became closer friends and teammates.

“It’s not just practice all the time, with friends you can have fun and actually enjoy what you’re doing,” Dishman said.

Many people believe that wrestling is a sport that can work on and off the mat. It can improve some wrestlers’ personality or morals in their lives.

“Wrestling is something I can commit to,” Mitchell said. “It has made me feel more confident in myself and has made me a more outgoing person.”