Adrian Maduro celebrates four years of bowling


Nelson Kanistras

Adrian Maduro rolls the bowling ball at Oviedo Lanes.

Playing a sport is difficult, no matter which one it is. Many athletes, unfortunately, will quit a sport to try new ones or lose passion for it all together. It has become more and more rare to find an athlete who plays the same sport for all four years of high school.

Meet Adrian Maduro; he has bowled all four years of his high school career at a top level and is the leader of a successful team.

“When I stepped into leadership…we were down and we needed to get our things together,” said Maduro.

Maduro pushes his teammates whenever he can and is always there for them when needed to get them to play their best. Whether it’s practice or a meet, Maduro is always there.

“I’m usually pretty serious about our matches and I make sure everyone is doing their best and when they need help I help them,” Maduro said. “I always encourage my teammates by pushing them to do what they know how to do and help them on what they aren’t the best at, I encourage them to keep working and practicing.”

Even when Maduro has tough times, he still shows up for his team. He doesn’t let his frustration get to him and pushes past it.

“When Adrian is frustrated, he continues to play the hardest,” said junior Jenessa Leon, one of Maduro’s teammates. 

Even when frustrated, Maduro still pushes through and has every quality an athlete needs to be successful. This is what pushes him to succeed and achieve many great accomplishments.

“One thing about Adrian is you can never know whether he’s doing good or bad,” coach Joel Freund said. “He keeps the same demeanor which is what an athlete needs to be successful.”

Maduro brings lots of positive energy each and every day to his team. His teammates enjoy being around him.

“I have never failed to see a smile on his face,” Leon said. “He brings determination to our team and he motivates everyone to the best they can be.”

Maduro doesn’t only possess leadership skills. He also happens to be a star athlete.

“The accolades I’ve gotten are most improved player during my freshman year, winning the district championship back to back years my sophomore and freshman year, and getting first on the first team all conference,” Maduro said.

Maduro’s successful high school career is one worth celebrating. The Oviedo High School bowling team is going to lose a hard working, talented, and extraordinary person when he graduates. Hopefully, the team will take a note from Maduro’s book to continue his legacy.