Chucky, still giving us scares 33 years later


A movie poster for Child’s Play.

Luke Thompson, Reporter

Inside of the dark hallway, an awful chuckle can be heard. It was Chucky. A doll who has been around for almost 33 years – a doll that has been possessed by a killer. The first showing of Chucky was the movie, Child’s Play, which came out on Nov. 9, 1988, and he’s still around to this day. There are currently nine installments into the Chucky franchise: Child’s Play, Child’s Play 2, Child’s Play 3, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky, Child’s Play Remake and Chucky, which is a show you can find on almost every streaming platform. The second season released on Oct. 5, airing 11 new episodes to binge for anticipating fans.  

Chucky isn’t the best thing to watch when you are looking for a huge scare. However, if you’re looking for a comedic thriller, Chucky is one of the best series out there. Despite focusing on comedic dialogue and actions, Chucky is still categorized as a horror slasher. 

Chucky definitely earns its spot in the horror category with its gorey and shocking moments. Even though he is a child’s toy, Chucky is infamously known for being a masterful killer. The kill counts in each Chucky movie are relatively high. In the Child’s Play remake from 2019, it ended up having around seven deaths. In Child’s Play from 1988, it ended up having six deaths.       

Over the years, Chucky has changed lots. In almost every movie, Chucky appeared differently compared to the previous installments. These changes were shown because he had been sliced, melted, rebuilt, copied and the process of soul transplants. He also has some iconic scars on his face from his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Valentine, in Child’s Play 3. In the 2019 remake for Child’s Play, Chucky appeared almost completely different. He is just about unrecognizable compared to his past looks. Orion Pictures wanted Chucky to evolve with the movies by giving him more of a robotic look than a toy doll. 

Don Mancini, an American screenwriter who is the designer and writer of the Child’s Play franchise, has been a part of the works since the very beginning and is still working on the series to this day. Mancini actually created Chucky himself and was inspired by The Omen (1976). Clearly, the franchise has preserved for a long time and has evolved greatly with the rest of the generations since its first release in 1988 but still lingers with its iconic factors. No matter what generation you are, you can be a fan of Chucky.