Students are concerned over gas prices

Tobey Teeter, Reporter

Gas prices have risen greatly in the past year. As high as $4.89 in the local community, gas prices have only dropped to around $3.39. Students at OHS have to drive to school regularly and have no choice but to pay the price at the pump.

Although gas prices have risen, there is still not a definite answer on why the gas prices have fluctuated so much. Students across the county have to deal with the price jumps of gas and adjust to it. 

“My family has developed a conscious awareness about how much gas we use. When we have the chance, we try to save gas by carpooling or taking shorter routes to our destination, Oviedo High,” said Lance Kochmann, 12.

Gas prices can majorly affect many students’ families here at OHS. With having to sneak the new gas prices into the budget, it can be aggravating and also affect how students pay for their lunch and if they have enough gas to get to school.

Fortunately, gas prices have dropped down slightly, but most students still do not know what is the cause for this major difference in price. However, some believe there are multiple reasons. 

“I believe there are multiple reasons for the gas prices fluctuating. It has to do with the war with Ukraine and Russia, and also the big oil companies in conflict with world wide administrations. When gas prices rose, I would drive more conservatively. When they would drop, I would slowly get back to my norm of driving habits,” said Von Tietig, 12. 

The consumption of gas for the United States is 30,472,212 MMcf. The consumption of gas is increasing day by day. More teenagers are driving, which means more teenagers have to use whomever’s money at the pump. 

“It annoys me to have to pay more but I understand that it just happens sometimes. I drive myself to school since it is what is easiest for me. I do not like money that could be saved going into gas money,” said Tristan Widaker, 12.