Girls soccer tryouts mark the beginning of a new season


Danielle Stein

Players on the Oviedo girls soccer team celebrate after scoring a goal in the 2021 season regional game against Hagerty High School.

With a new soccer season in Oviedo’s midst, the girls soccer team has begun their annual tryouts. Moving on from a successful 2021 season, the standards for making the team have grown a lot higher in the past year.

In the previous season with a 12-2-3 record, the girls varsity soccer team qualified for the postseason where they beat Lake Mary in the district game. In the regionals game, the varsity team had a close matchup with Hagerty where Oviedo’s season unfortunately ended. Deciding who makes the team during tryouts can play an important role in preventing another loss to Hagerty this season. 

Each day of tryouts give players a chance to showcase their different skills. The entire process takes four days, consisting of separate days for players to show their individual skills as well as how they play in a team setting.

“I think you need to have a good attitude and the ability to work hard,” said senior Roen Waisanen, an outside back on the varsity team. “You obviously have to have good technical [playing] abilities and for the varsity level you need to be able to play fast and play at our speed.”

As a freshman or newcomer to the Oviedo girls soccer team, the higher standards can be intimidating. For others, getting the opportunity to play in a talented program with a skilled, hardworking, and successful group of girls is what drives their determination at tryouts.

“Trying out for our high school team is something that’s been on my mind for years,” said freshman Payton Pitman, who plays forward. “Confidence is a major key to soccer, and if you don’t have it, you earn it with preparation.”

Since Oviedo’s soccer program is so successful, a large number of girls try out for the team each year. Although not everyone qualifies for varsity, players still benefit from improving their skills and experience on the junior varsity and freshman teams. 

“I think to make it on the team you really more than anything have to show that you want to be there,” said sophomore Eva Aliaga, a second-year striker for OHS. “Your actual abilities can be improved and worked on as the season goes on, but if you don’t put any effort into it, that shows a lot about how you’ll play during the season.”

After tryouts, teamwork is a component that is continuously worked on throughout the season. A team could have the most talented players in the country, but without teamwork, there wouldn’t be efficient cooperation on the field.

“One thing I love about soccer is all the team building you get to do,” said Aliaga. “I’m excited to make new friends and have fun as a team, it really helps in a game if you know your teammates and how to communicate with them.”

As a program that has many athletically talented players and will likely make the addition of even more after tryouts, the Oviedo girls soccer team is set up to have another rewarding season. 

“I love soccer season,” said Waisanen. “I’m just excited to be with all my friends and get to play for Oviedo one last time and make more memories for the end of my senior year.”