Football star Brady Manning is ready to shine


Susan Fisher Proth

Brady Manning, grade 10, looks across John Courier field in between plays.

Sophomore Brady Manning always knew that he was meant to play football. Even as a young child, he had dreams of playing for the Oviedo Lions. He never knew it would all arrive so soon.

Manning has been an Oviedo Lion for as long as he can remember, playing throughout the Oviedo Pop Warner system and winning multiple state championships since he was six years old.

Last season, he led the Oviedo Lions freshman squad to a 9-1 record, the second best season in Oviedo’s hundredth year history. Once the freshman season ended, Manning earned the call up to varsity and played in the varsity squads for the last few games, earning good experience while capping off an excellent season.

“I loved being with my boys on freshmen,” he said. “They helped me grow as a player, but varsity is what it’s always been about.”

After a tough spring and a long summer, Manning became one of three sophomores starting and leading one of the elite defenses in not only Seminole county, but all of Florida.

Now that he has earned his stripes, he has one goal on his mind: a state championship. Oviedo has never won a state championship before, so it’s been a long term mission of his.

“I want to lead Oviedo to the top,” Manning said. “It’s all I think about”

Not only is Manning working on becoming an incredible football star, but he also captained and started every game for the Lions freshman basketball team. He led them to an 8-8 record, averaging a team high 4.2 steals a game. 

Being a two sport athlete can be tough on a kid having to balance school, sports, and a social life.

“I just keep my head down and push through,” said Manning.

Manning has always been known to be a great athlete, but he’s ready to take the next step this season. With the school and the program behind him, he’s ready for whatever comes next in his athletic career.