The humorous magic of “Hocus Pocus 2”


The movie’s poster in promotion of the release.

Reese Sanderson, Photographer

After 29 years, the Hocus Pocus story has finally returned with a second film. Critics are saying it combines elements from the first movie with fresh modern takes. Old fans are thrilled to see the Sanderson sisters back and to have them finally return in time for Halloween. I, personally, am not sure why the producers waited so long to make a sequel. 

The movie starts with the sisters as teens in Salem, Massachusetts. It sets up the plot for the rest of the movie. I appreciated how the director included the sisters’ origin story. They initially became witches to rebel against an oppressive religious leader in their town, who wanted to make Winifred marry a local boy whom she wasn’t interested in. The sisters banding together is a display of female empowerment, fighting against Reverend Traske and his horrible orders. 

There were many things to like about the movie, such as the comedic interactions between the sisters. The sisters were always fighting and picking on each other. The new main characters brought a fresh point of view to the sisters and their motives. I thoroughly enjoyed the sisters’ reactions to modern technology and beauty products. The comedic effect this scene brought, showing how confused and surprised the sisters were at all the new items they have never seen before, was hilarious.

Similar to the first movie, songs are used to keep the mood light and fun – even though the witches have evil intentions. The songs are extremely catchy and provide a sense of relief. I was entertained by how even in-song, they still kept their personalities and how they are sisters. The cast always seems to enjoy the songs, proof by how much thrill they have recording and filming them. If you like comedic, easily digestible movies filled with unexpected surprises at every turn, be sure to check out “Hocus Pocus 2”.