Mane Attraction Dance Team boosts school spirit


Isabella Schneider

The Mane Attraction Dance Team poses at the end of a routine with child dancers from the community.

Riley Sanderson, Sports Editor

Many Oviedo students, faculty, and fans have watched the Mane Attraction Dance Team and its captivating dance routines. From football games and pep rallies to the FOX News coverage of the Oviedo vs. Lake Brantley pep rally, the Mane Attraction Dance Team never fails to spread its electrifying energy to an audience. 

The immense talent present on the team is often talked about by students and members of Oviedo’s community. Most of the dancers on the team have had years of experience and it is evident through the skilled routines they perform. 

“I’ve been dancing since I was three,” said Emma Taggart, a captain on the team. “I love [to dance] and it gives me an outlet outside friends and school.”

Dancers on MADT are not oblivious to their impact on the rest of the school. Especially during the football and homecoming seasons, the dance team increases Oviedo’s school spirit.

“I think we do a lot for the student body, keeping up with school spirit,” said senior Jaylean Anaya, a second-year dancer on the team. “We do a lot to keep the student body excited and active within our school.”

Not only does MADT benefit OHS as a whole, but it is also a creative outlet for its members. Dancers often come up with the choreography for the routines themselves. 

Getting to perform their hard work in front of their peers can also be rewarding for dancers. It shows Oviedo students that MADT is there to support them and their school spirit. 

“Mane Attraction brings like a fun energy to the school,” said Taika Hopkins, a junior officer on the team. “We have different routines and we get to show it off to our school and perform and just have a good time while still being able to represent our school.”

As football season approaches its end, MADT continues to prepare for the competitive dance season. Beginning to choreograph their routines over the summer, the team will start their main preparation for competitive dance after the last football game of the season. The first dance competition is set for Dec. 10, 2022.

“Performing honestly is stressful at first when you are in your first formation,” said Anaya. “But as you continue performing and you take the time to absorb your emotions that you’re feeling, it kind of feels static because you’re [enthralled] in that moment.”