Oviedo High School tightens security measures


Danielle Stein

A student shows their student ID to an OHS staff member.

Nicolas Spallone, Senior Writer

On the morning of Aug. 10, 2022, Oviedo High School students were met with several unexpected surprises awaiting them at the doors to the campus. The requirement for digital student IDs at the front entrance was one dramatic change.

Marcus Robinson, a school security guard, advocates for the new digital safety measure.

“I think it’s necessary just because kids are always on their phones,” Robinson said. “Now, instead of them looking for their ID physically, it’s already attached.”

The obligation may seem like an inconvenience, but with the current state of the United States’ school safety issues, it’s a form of practice that’s beginning to become more frequent than ever. 

Another unexpected surprise may have been the new vinyl school wallpaper covering the doors, blocking vision from the exterior of the campus. Catherine Krupica, a programming teacher, has conflicting thoughts on the new decor.

“I think they’re really cool looking,” Krupica said. “I see how it could prevent a threat as it’s easier to evacuate if you don’t have anybody looking from the outside-in. However, it could also hinder the police’s ability to locate a potential conflict.”

Keeping the interior of the school concealed from the outside could make a potential attack harder to execute, as the perpetrator could risk being apprehended before physically encountering another person, but this feature doesn’t exclusively limit the powers of a threat. If at any point during a dangerous situation, such as a code red, authorities could have trouble attempting to pinpoint a target they can’t see.

In addition to that, the doors located at the back entrance of the school now close and lock after the start of the first period. This opening to the school was a method of entry for many students in the past. Senior Matthew Knight has differing opinions on the new adjustment.

“I think locking the back doors makes the school safe,” Knight said. “But sometimes, if I’m even a tiny bit late, I have to walk around the entire school just to get in. That makes it very frustrating.”

For some, these doors were a one-way ticket off the campus and into their cars for lunch. Others might’ve used this entrance to quickly get back into school after an off-campus class. The now restricted entryway serves largely as a reminder that Oviedo High School is taking all necessary precautions to keep its grounds secure, whether the change is welcome or not.

For OHS, the 2022-2023 school year has begun with significant changes in security. Some may deem the latest adjustments as unnecessary, or even not enough.

“I feel like you can’t account for every single scenario,” Krupica said. “I think that if you try to do that, at some point we’re not going to be able to walk across campus.”

Regardless of each person’s stance on the matter, many agree that it’s a step in the right direction toward creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for everyone on campus.