Pre-Med club helps students find a career path


Clare McCoy

Pre-Med Club member, Ann Benoy, poses for a photo.

The Pre-Med Club focuses on both the pre-medical and medical track, introducing students to different paths within medicine. The club has speakers with varying experiences and specialties who come in and talk about their experiences in medical school, as well as their jobs in the medical field to the club members.

This helps students decide whether or not they want a career within the medical field. It also helps them decide what they want to do within medicine, if they are interested in a career within the track. 

“The Pre-Med club definitely helps students in choosing their career paths,”  Fengchun Li, the club sponsor, said. “We have speakers who visit the members of the club and help give a general idea of not only the benefits of going into the medical field, but also the hardships.”

Many students have benefited from this club such as its founder, Laboni Santra. Laboni founded the club in 2019, before graduating from Oviedo High School in 2021. She is currently attending her second year at MIT.

Being given a clear picture of both the challenges and benefits of the medical field helped students to form their future career paths and make more informed decisions about whether or not they want a career in the medical field.

Senior Ethan Reshad is the current president of the pre-med club. He has always had a passion for medicine and wanted to explore that when he first joined the Pre-Med Club in his sophomore year.

“I hoped that after joining this club I would learn more about the medical community, not only the butterflies and rainbows, but also the hardships and challenges,” Reshad said. “Pre-med club allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the process of becoming a part of the medical community.” 

The Pre-Med Club has many advantages for students who plan on being in the medical field. It gives students an opportunity to learn more about the field and gain more in-depth knowledge about different careers within medicine.

These advantages have been beneficial for sophomore member of the Pre-Med Club, Ann Benoy, who currently plans on majoring in pre-med and attending medical school.

“The club provided a perspective of what it’s like to work in a hospital setting and helps you choose what’s right for you,” Benoy said.