Senior cheerleaders discuss their final first game


Audrey Strembicki

Cheerleaders stand together to celebrate their final first game ever.

Tobey Teeter, Reporter

On Friday, Aug. 26, the Oviedo High School cheerleaders stuck it out in the rain for the senior’s final first game. Lake Brantley was defeated after the final score of 26-21. A question lies with the cheerleaders: will this be the new normal game?

The game was intense with the Oviedo Lions coming back from the initial score of 21-7. Without the cheerleaders, many students agree the momentum and hype would not have been the same.

“The game went no better than it could as it came from such a bad situation,” Hailey Desoto, one of the cheer captains, said. “I really wished we could’ve at least tumbled and stunted, but it’s always great to be on the field.”

The cheerleaders were limited on what they were able to do due to the poor weather. It was very slippery outside, making it practically impossible for them. But the senior cheerleaders knew that this was their last first game and had to make their performance count.

Even with the severe thunderstorm warning right over Oviedo High School, the cheerleaders were ready to roll. Cheerleaders Aneres Parker, Nelle James, and Desoto were all prepared for the game and put their all into their performances.

Parker puts all the energy and effort she has into the cheers and it was apparent to the field.

“Coming back from UCA camp, we practiced a lot of new routines,” Parker said. “We were not able to do them since it was rainy, but the vibes were definitely there.”

Though the weather set some restrictions on what could be done by the cheerleaders, rain is only temporary. Some restrictions included no stunting and tumbling, which was James’ favorite part.

“We all were really excited to implement what we learned [at camp] into the field,” James said. “I’m just so glad we got to cheer at our last first home football game.”