Recap and review of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero


Nathaniel Zoucha, Reporter

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a fast paced action movie focusing on the son of Son Goku, Son Gohan, and his mentor Piccolo. It takes place after the Tournament of Power and the Dragon Ball: Super Broly movie. The movie starts off with Piccolo training Gohans’ daughter, Pan, where it is revealed that it’s been three years since the Tournament of Power.

This movie has its ups and downs regarding the quality. They were all animated in 3-D, but it felt like watching a normal 2-D animation. While there were action-packed fighting scenes, the plot came across too rushed at times.

Pan then leaves to go to school so Piccolo starts meditating. While meditating, Piccolo is called by Videl, Pan’s mother, asking if she could pick her up due to her classes taking too much time and Gohan working all day.

Later, Piccolo goes to Gohan and he notices that he has gone soft and needs to train. When Piccolo brings it up to Gohan he says that his father Goku and Vegeta can handle any threat. Pan then gets kidnapped by the Red Ribbon army with two androids helping them: Gamma 1 and 2. They were designed to defeat Gohan, Piccolo, and all of their allies. They use Pan to lure Gohan to them, which was a little predictable.

 Gohan tries to be rational until he hears Pan screaming in pain. That sends him over the edge, going straight to Super Saiyan Two 2. He tries to rush straight to Pan, but Gamma 1 gets in his way.

Meanwhile, Piccolo fights with Gamma 2. Cell Max, the second coming of Cell (a Bio-Android), is made up of almost every fighter and villain from Dragon Ball Z. Cell Max awakens and starts wreaking havoc. This causes Piccolo, Gohan, and the Gamma brothers to leap into action in hopes to prevent the world from being destroyed. While Gohan Piccolo and the gammas started working together was an unexpected touch, the timing was too rushed.

Piccolo tries to stall so Gohan can charge up an attack to take Cell’s head off, and Piccolo almost dies as Gohan watches helplessly. He loses it – having a similar transformation to the first time he went Super Saiyan Two, and dawns a form with red eyes and large white hair. While the appearance isn’t appealing, what the transformation signifies has a deeper meaning beyond looks. This form has caused Gohan to have the strength to always protect who he loves.

Gohan finishes charging the attack and destroys Cell Max. The fight scenes had incredible graphics and plotting, although I think they went by too fast. The pacing went from fast-paced fighting to standing and talking, then right back to fighting the next big, bad villain.

This movie was not perfect, as every movie has its flaws, but the fight scenes made up for it. The story and how it showed everyone in the Dragon Ball world has changed and evolved was the best part of it. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero was one of the better movies produced along with the Broly movie. If you are a fan of Dragon Ball, enjoy fantastic stories and fighting scenes, give this movie a watch.