Identical twins bond over shared love of bowling


Audrey Strembicki

Identical twins Wyatt and Wesley Geno share a bond over their passion for bowling.

Nelson Kanistras, Reporter

It’s rare to have brothers playing together in sports, but to have identical twins is even more surprising. Identical brothers Wesley and Wyatt Geno are both on the Oviedo High School bowling team.

The two brothers are very close and work together to be the best they can be at the sport. With few differences and many similarities, they share a bond over their shared love of bowling.

“My brother bowled for about half a year before I joined the team in the bowling league at the OVO Bowling center,” Wyatt said. “My brother is the reason why I bowl.”

Wesley began bowling before Wyatt, which ultimately led him to join the sport. Now, both brothers work together each and everyday to make sure they are the best they can be.

“Although Wyatt misses the pocket a bit sometimes, he does consistently get a good chunk of pins each frame,” Wesley said.

This is just one way each brother is different. However, both have many similarities which only strengthens their already close bond.

“Wyatt and I both use fingertip balls and also both have orange and black balls that match the school’s colors,” Wesley Geno said. “I love being able to work everyday with my brother with  something we both love.”

With having so much in common and always being supportive of each other, the brothers’ parents are very proud of them.

“I’m extremely proud of my boys, they always help each other out and excel at what they do,” Jenifer Geno said. “It warms my heart knowing they love what they do, and each other.”

It’s common for siblings to participate in the same sports, activities, and extracurriculars – but what the twins do takes it to a whole new level. Both go out of their way to help each other out while still maintaining elite play, all because of their shared love of bowling.