DJ Khaled releases new album “God Did”


Briana Schierenback, Reporter

DJ Khaled released his new album titled “God Did” on Aug. 26, 2022. It’s the thirteenth studio album produced by We the Best/Epic Records and includes a total of 18 tracks with plenty of new features. The album is a follow up from his previous album, “Khaled Khaled”, which racked up over 107 million streams in the first month. This raises a question: can his new album compete?

The most interesting thing about this album is its features: Drake, Jay Z, Rick Ross, Eminem, Lil Wayne, and more. These artists have been seen in previous albums by Khaled, so it’s nothing unexpected, but the more surprising features are SZA, City Girls, Juice Wrld, Roddy Rich, and Lil Durk. They are not his usual style of music, but it makes a good contrast. Khaled blends old school with new school. This can be hard to pull off but for someone as experienced as him, he pulls it off well.

The best song on the album would be “Use This Gospel” featuring Kanye West and Eminem, a remix of West’s original song produced by Dr. Dre. It has an incredible beat and fits well with Khaled’s style of music. The lyrics have deep meaning and a positive message as we can see here, “Time to say a prayer, they didn’t think we would make it this far, they didn’t believe in us but I know god did.” These lyrics can be really personal for some people and it’s relatable. God is something that Khaled values in his life, showing it through the song’s lyrics.

Khaled was excited to be able to produce such a great song with some of the best in the game as we can see in an Instagram caption: “PRODUCED BY DR DRE MY IDOL,” KANYE AND EMINEM This is a BIG blessing for me, but also a BIG blessing for the world. GOD DID!! THIS A GIFT. DRE DID!! YE DID! EMINEM DID!!”

The album “Khaled Khaled” was released last year on April 30. It was good, but not nearly as good as his new album. “God Did” has higher quality production, more interesting features, deeper lyrics, and is vocally better. Overall, the album is a success and is projected to sell 115,000 copies the first week in comparison to his previous album which only sold 93,000.