Students reflect on the renovated Commons


Danielle Stein

Students and staff enjoy the Commons’ new and improved amenities.

Audrey Choate, Managing Editor

During the summer which preceded the 2022-2023 school year, the Oviedo High School administration renovated the Commons to give it a newer and more fresh appeal. New additions include different kinds of chairs, couches, and booths – as well as different restaurants. These restaurants include The Roost, 3.14 Pizzeria, Yin and Yang Asian cuisine, Mexology, and Filtered. These establishments serve chicken, pizza, Asian food, Mexican food, and coffee every day. Students have varying opinions on the renovation.

Due to the new building being relatively modern and sleek, many students are happy about its new look. Thus, some have a positive view of the new Commons and the amenities it offers.

“I like the Commons a lot. It’s pretty modern and I think that encourages creativity and comfort, as opposed to the utility and standardization of the original Commons,” said senior Naman Doad. “I think they should add more couches because everyone likes those and they’re more comfortable than the chairs.”

However, the limited food options have been met with disappointment from some students. The restaurants serve the same food every day; the food options do not change. Due to this, many students are saddened by the fact that certain items are not being served this year.

“My only disappointment is that there will be no Alfredo this year, since they don’t have a restaurant for it,” said junior Carson Hoggard. “I think it’s nicely built and I like the aesthetic, but I’m very sad that the burgers and alfredo are gone.”

The fact that the new tables are prone to breaking has also caused some complaints, especially from freshmen. This is due to the fact that the fragility of the tables will make standing on them during school spirit events more difficult. 

“I really love the new Commons,” said freshman Jewelie Jenkins. “I wish the tables could support us, though, because I never got to partake in that tradition. It’s sad that my generation of Lions won’t be able to do that.”

Many students feel that the renovation is purely for the aesthetic, with no difference in regards to food quality or food being served. This has been a disappointment to some. Even with some differing opinions among students, the renovation seems to be well-received by most individuals who appreciate the new look and amenities.