Oviedo High School celebrates its hundredth year


Danielle Stein

School board members ring the old bell to celebrate Oviedo High School’s 100-year event.

Kaden Bryant, Editor-in-Chief

At 7 a.m. on Aug. 10, Oviedo High School gathered to celebrate an entire century of education. Students, teachers, faculty, school board members, the mayor and many others showed up to recognize the day. Everyone’s spirit permitted the day to go down in OHS history.

Black, orange and white decorations were located all around campus, along with several “cheers to 100 years” banners. In addition to the decor was a pep rally to kick things off. Cheerleaders, color guard, band, the drumline and dance team all participated in this celebration.

They performed, danced, and celebrated in unison. Everyone joined together to look back on Oviedo and how far the school has come with the continuous hard work from students and staff.

“We really wanted to showcase all of our students,” said Dr. Rachel Menta, Assistant Principal. “And we want to allow our students to enjoy our centennial year and dig into what makes Oviedo High School the home of champions and scholars.”

School board members Amy Pennock, Tina Calderone, Kristine Kraus, Karen Almond and Superintendent Dr. Serita Beamon rang in the school year with the old Seminole County school bell. They all stood side by side to ring the bell and commemorate the school’s history.

This event left students thrilled to begin the new year. It brought excitement to all attendees who are passionate about OHS and how far its come. Board members were similarly happy to see everyone’s spirit as they cheered together in support of the celebration.

“I was very excited to celebrate,” said Pennock. “The energy that the students and staff showed set the tone for a great year ahead.”

With a spectacular start to kick things off, students are sure to thrive in school another year – which is just one of many, many more to come for Oviedo High School.