Senior sunrise kicks off the new year


Danielle Stein

Seniors gather together to watch the first sunrise of the school year.

Joemi Cordonero, Reporter

6:15 a.m. on Aug. 10, seniors woke up bright and early to enjoy the Student Government Association’s first event of the school year. To sweeten the deal, students were offered donuts from The Donut Patch. Many seniors came in and mingled with their friends to catch up about their last summer before senior year. 

“I enjoyed getting to meet people I hadn’t seen during summer,” said senior Naman Doad. “Even if I hated how early I had to wake up, it made me excited for the new year.”

Regardless of how early in the morning the event was, many seniors enjoyed it and found it a great way to start the year. It’s a way many can remember the start of their final year.

“It was a great way to start the year off,” said senior Aidan Wilson. “Other than the bleachers being all wet, it was fun overall.”

The event was held on the football field bleachers, which gave seniors a better view to see the sunrise. There were mixed responses from students regarding how they felt about the event. For some, it was a little underwhelming since they had high expectations for it.

“It kind of felt surreal to me,” said senior Lily Seda. “Like I really accomplished getting to my senior year and there’s only ten months left until I’m done with it all.”

Seniors are excited for what this school year has to come, and the sunrise only brewed that excitement. Many students are determined to do well academically while still making their last memories during their remaining time in high school spectacular.