The Umbrella Academy brings adventurous fun into June

Speculation on what to expect from the trailer

Joemi Cordonero, Reporter

A new summer season comes, which means a new big hit on Netflix for the next coming weeks. The Umbrella Academy is a comic series made by emo punk rock icon, Gerard Way. When the show adaptation was announced and aired on the platform, it was an instant success. From 2019 to now, it has continued to have a strong cult following of followers (a healthier following than Klaus’ cult) for its witty and dark-humored story. 

The Umbrella Academy stars Elliot Page, Aidan Gallagher, and Robert Shernan. The story follows a broken family of superheroes that have different powers that are all trying to save the world from an apocalypse. Though near the end of the second season, things change as the group accidentally stumbles into a different timeline and seemingly after the said apocalypse happened. 

From where the show left off seems like it will deal with the group trying to figure out how to leave the timeline and also understand what they stumbled into at the same time. The trailer shows versions of the characters that avid watchers missed and now get to see with new changes. For example, Pogo, an ape that took care of the Hargreeves’ children was seen as a tattooed tattoo artist which is a fun change to the character we know. The alternate siblings in this world are a part of the Sparrow Academy and are also different actors and characters together. The Sparrow Academy siblings also seem to introduce superpowers that differ from the Umbrella Academy siblings. The trailer also expresses the big concern of the season: Their and most likely the rest of that world’s existence is now doomed with a kugelblitz. Another doomsday like the previous seasons they had to deal with.

Compared to the comic, it seems like it is still following the storyline. In the trailer, there was a quick glimpse of what volume three’s (The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion) hotel. The trailer shows the hotel which can also signify the almost end of the series.

The Umbrella Academy has no signs of slowing down with its nonstop exciting story. Whatever this season holds, it will be a thrill. The new season will air on June 22 and hopefully, the 10-episode season continues the fun legacy the previous seasons held.