New baseball phenom excites baseball team


Danielle Stein

Xavier Lopez attempts to get on base.

Eric Esquivel, Sports Page Director

Senior Center Fielder Xavier Lopez has been an unstoppable force on the baseball field. New to Oviedo Highschool this year, Lopez seems to have adjusted well to his new surroundings. While attending his previous school of Lake Nona, he was a star player.

  He began playing baseball at the age of five, due to his dad playing Division One baseball in New York, at Saint Francis college New York, in the North East Conference. 

Lopez always felt that he had something to prove. When Lopez got to Oviedo this year he had many expectations already set for himself, one already being that he’s a new kid on the already good Oviedo baseball team: going 18-10 last year losing in the playoffs to Lake Brantley 11-0 there was still room to improve. 

But Xavier already knew that he had to step up and be one of the best players on the team this year. Lopez, this year is leading in five of the major statistical categories for the team this season. Leading in Batting average with 0.38, On base percentage with 0.475, Stolen bases with 5, 

Having 19 hits, and a Slugging percentage of 0.52. Such amazing stats as these have earned Lopez the opportunity that every sports player dreams of. Which is to go to a division one college. Xavier has earned a scholarship to Daytona State College. 

Lopez is going to follow his fathers footsteps getting into a division one college. But this season isn’t done yet with an 11-5 record Xavier still has some time to make an even bigger mark on the year. 

With the playoffs approaching the Lions have high hopes to go deeper in the playoffs then last year and maybe even win the state title, with the help of Xavier they can expect more out of this season.