WROR-TV: Seniors signing off

Ashlee Ross, Features Editor

Many students participate in a plethora of classes, clubs or activities throughout high school. For seniors Brianna Bibona and William Deem, it was WROR-TV, the TV production class at Oviedo High School (OHS) that produces the school’s daily news. 

WROR-TV has taught them greatly beneficial skills, beginning their journey in college. Whether that be standing up for themselves, or pushing for stories that deserve to be talked about.  

“I will forever push for the best, whatever that may be, and let others know when something needs to change.” said Brianna Bibona, the Executive Producer of WROR-TV. 

Over the years, WROR-TV has taught these students to be able to guide their peers in the direction they think is best, while still doing what is best for them. 

“A good story can come from anywhere, with some good writing & a passion to bring light on a particular subject you want to see talked about.” said William Deem, reporter and editor of WROR-TV. 

In the grand scheme of things, WROR-TV is almost like a job for these students. They come into their class ready to work and produce broadcasts, so the students at OHS can be informed daily about any important upcoming events. 

Although these seniors may not go into a career in TV production, these skills can be used in almost any career they choose. 

“I don’t plan on pursuing TV production as a full-time career, but the skills I’ve obtained from WROR-TV will help me with my acting career & a YouTube channel if I feel like doing it as a hobby.” said Deem. 

Deem is now able to bring his confidence on-screen into his future, whether that be a leisure activity or his actual career. 

“I definitely see creating videos whether that be montages or advertisements for brands and people in my future. I could also definitely see myself being a manager of some kind as I’ve loved my role as Executive Producer.” said Bibona. 

WROR-TV has opened up a pathway for Bibona, allowing her to discover what she wants to do career-wise, giving  her experience and knowledge that she otherwise wouldn’t have acquired and plans to continue her journey at the University of Central Florida, this upcoming fall. 

These seniors have created amazing memories during their time with WROR-TV such as their time in Long Beach, California, at the Student Television Network convention. They were able to visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, as well as create some amazing content. 

These students have learned so much throughout their time on the staff of WROR-TV, and they will continue to grow wherever their career and future takes them.