Ryleigh Holcomb: athlete of the month


Danielle Stein

Junior Ryleigh Holcomb plays in the varsity girls regionals game.

The 2021-2022 Oviedo girls varsity soccer season has been overall successful to say the least with a ranking of #19 in the state of Florida. So many factors have contributed to making this team stand out from other Florida high school teams. The main reason is undoubtedly the large amount of talent on the team. One of these talented players is junior Ryleigh Holcomb.

“I have been playing soccer for thirteen years and I play left forward.” Holcomb said. “My favorite part of playing soccer is the competitiveness and being able to make lasting friendships.”

Just watching the team play, it is evident that the strong friendship dynamic between the players as well as hard work is what drives the team’s success. 

After an accomplished regular season, Oviedo’s girls varsity team matched up with the Lake Mary rams for the district championships on February 2nd. After a long game, they were tied with a score of 1-1. The Oviedo girls managed to come out victorious by winning the shootout in overtime.

“It was really cool winning districts against Lake Mary and everyone was so happy since we lost to them 3-0 in the normal season and were able to work together to beat them when it was most important,” said Holcomb, remarking the triumphant comeback.

As an accomplished soccer player, Ryleigh Holcomb looks up to players on the US Women’s soccer team as role models.

“Someone I look up to is Julie Ertz because she is a leader and always works hard no matter what situation she is in on the field,” Holcomb said.