The Lundies: Seniors recieve awards for both talents and laughs


Danielle Stein

Senior, Kenneth Phynn, flexing his arms after recieving the ‘Biggest Gym Rat’ Lundy.

Each year, seniors participate in many different fun events leading up to their graduation. One of these events is the Lundies, an award ceremony where seniors receive “most likely to” type awards based on the votes from the graduating class.  

Winning a Lundy can help showcase and validate students’ passion and hard work on something they love. 

“I feel great [about winning the ‘Most Likely to Win an Oscar’ Lundy] and it pushes me even more to further pursue acting as a career,” said senior Cameron Carter.

As graduation grows closer and students are deciding what they want to do with their lives, winning a Lundy can encourage them as they pursue their passions into adulthood.

“[Winning this Lundy] makes me think that if enough people voted for me…then imagine what I could do outside of high school,” said Carter.

Oftentimes students win Lundies by finding one that they fit the description of and campaigning for it – either because it’s a reflection of something they’re passionate about, or simply for the pure hilarity of it.

“My classmates have handfuls of photos of me snoozing away in class,” said senior Brianna Bibona, who won the ‘Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Class’ Lundy. “I honestly just thought it would be hilarious to campaign for it.”

However, these awards are not always campaigned for or expected. 

“I didn’t run for any awards at all,” said senior Neil Dash, valedictorian and winner of the ‘Most Likely to Die in The Hunger Games’ Lundy. “So the fact that I won this one out of all of them was funny.”

Whether these awards are campaigned for or unexpectedly received, they leave a lasting memory as students prepare to exit high school and enter the real world. They can offer students some final words of encouragement or remind them of the value of humor.