Senior week spreads excitement around campus

Joemi Cordonero, Reporter

The school year is coming to an end with exam preparations and with less than a month, our seniors will graduate. To celebrate our seniors before graduation, there was a week exclusively dedicated towards them with after school activities and dress up days. It took place during April 4th through the 8th, which was right before prom.

Monday started the dress up week off with OHS (Oviedo High School) spirit. Seniors were encouraged to dress up in OHS attire or colors to show school pride. Many wore their senior crowns with their senior shirts. Later that night, there was a dodgeball tournament. Many people grouped up with friends to try to win the tournament but in all, the ‘Blue Ballers’ won the tournament. With the team including seniors Eli Whitehouse, Tyler Shavers, Noah Sharpp, Kristian Galloway and many more.

Tuesday had seniors dress up ten years in the past. It was a way to show how much they have changed throughout the years. Many seniors wore casual throwbacks with fun hairdos, with some people outdoing the rest. William Deem, a senior, showcased an unforgettable Buzz Lightyear costume with a matching themed rolling backpack. It was fun to see a lot of the seniors participate and see what they dressed like when they were younger. At night, the Lundy’s were held! The Lundy’s is an award ceremony that celebrates the seniors with celebrating who they are. From who’s the biggest gym rat (Kenneth Phynn) to Ms. Oviedo (Caroline Przystup), many seniors were recognized for who they are. 

Wednesday was packed with things to do. It started with a senior breakfast during the first three periods. Seniors collected graduation materials and had many classic breakfast items to choose from such as pastries and coffee. Seniors dressed up as what they thought they would turn out ten years in the future. Around campus, there were a bunch of nurses, doctors, moms, and other significant jobs. Later that day, seniors had game night and with an Oviedo-inspired jeopardy game. 

Thursday was a classic senior week dress up day. It was senior day! Seniors dressed up as senior citizens and went all out with canes and nightgowns. Some Students wore wigs, gowns, or even took a cane to school to sell the look. It was the last day with an activity after school which was a movie. Many seniors cozied up in the commons with popcorn to enjoy High School Musical 3: Senior Year.

Friday finally came around with the final dress up day. Seniors dressed up in their favorite college or college they’re going to. Others dressed up as their trade instead. Nothing happened to let seniors prepare for prom the next day.