Lil Vinny’s: The new local family owned pizzeria

Laura Cruz, Reporter

There are not many restaurants to attend with friends around Oviedo. Well, Lil Vinny’s, a new Italian restaurant, recently opened in Oviedo and has already become incredibly popular.


This restaurant is located right along Winter Springs Boulevard, which is conveniently close to Oviedo High School. The pizzeria is a family owned business started by Alex Nikolloj, a former New Yorker that grew up in the business.


According to Nikolloj, there are several surprising aspects that go into opening up your own restaurant – like the amount of money one has to invest in their business, which is not including the rent every month. However, he is very experienced, having worked at a family owned business in the past.


A major struggle for small businesses was the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced many to be shut down. However, the pandemic was just another mountain to climb before finishing up with all the planning needed to open a restaurant. 


“It is a better time to jump into something when everyone else is afraid to do it,” said Nikolloj.


The Italian restaurant is open for early lunches and even late dinners. Its hours range from eleven in the morning until nine in the evening on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays. Though closed on Mondays, it is also open an extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays, which is perfect for those late dinner nights


Another unique feature is that they offer take out for movie nights or parties – along with excellent service for reservations, for those who like to plan ahead or dine in large parties. 


This Italian restaurant just recently opened about a couple months ago and has already become a fan favorite. The only downside is that the food pricing is a little on the expensive side. However, most food portions are very large, large enough to feed multiple people.


As you walk through the door, the amazing aroma of good New York style pizza creates an Italian vibe that is so tough to beat, your cravings will be begging you for more. When a customer was asked her thoughts about the business she answered the following.


“The service here was great and the quality was even better,” said OHS sophomore Lauren Eldert. “The pizzeria was very nice and family friendly inside, too.”


Unlike other pizzerias, the family business has passed on its secret touch and love for generations. Every ingredient that goes into these dishes is 100% fresh and the best quality available. From premium cheese to delicious crust, your stomach will be thanking you.


Customers have also claimed that each staff member or employee working at Lil Vinny’s is very friendly even during Friday’s rush hours. 


The next night you are craving some good Italian food, consider taking a trip to Lil Vinny’s if you are looking to enjoy a new, high quality dining experience.


“I saw that this new pizzeria just opened up near my house and I had to go and try it,” said OHS senior Kayla Fain. “The employees were super polite and welcoming and the food tasted amazing. I would definitely recommend it to a friend and go back for more.”