Winning awards across Oviedo: robotics and NJROTC states


Jose Rodriguez

Oviedo’s NJROTC students doing sit ups during the athletic portion of states.

Recently, both Oviedo’s NJROTC and ‘Roarbots’ robotics team have made it to and participated in state championships. 

However, these events are vastly different. NJROTC consists of a series of events, such as personnel inspection, drill teams, athletics, academics, and a 100m relay.

Whereas, in robotics, the teams are paired up in ‘alliances’, entering both robots into a series of competitions in a 12×12 box, competing against another alliance, so that a total of 4 robots are in the ring at any given time. They are trying to win the most points for their alliance, via a series of challenges, during each match. 

Despite these differences, both competitions share students’ investment in their interest, whether it makes them excited to participate or anxious to do well.

“Being at the competition was really nerve wracking,” said junior ‘Roarbots’ team member, Ethan Densberger. “It does cause a great bit of anxiety but it’s an oddly enjoyable anxiety.” 

Both teams had a great day, with NJROTC placing third overall in academics, and the Roarbots team reaching world championships for the first time ever.  

Regardless of how students place at the event, it provides opportunities to grow and improve upon their skills for future competitions.

“Even if we didn’t come out on top, everyone did their best,” said senior NJROTC member, Christian Scarboro. “And for people who are coming back next year, they’re gonna do even better.”

And that improvement and experience  has allowed students to reach new heights, achieving what before may have seemed out of reach. 

Later this year, Oviedo’s ‘Roarbots’ robotics team will be competing in World Championships for the first time ever.

“Making it to worlds is… something that’s never been done by a ‘Roarbots’ team,” said Densberger. “I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the first team to do it.” 

These competitions also help students prepare for the future, learning communication skills that they will take with them throughout their life. 

“It helps you [prepare for the future by] working with other people,” said senior NJROTC member, Angelo Mejias “There’s always a way to work through whatever challenge you’re going through.”

These students can be proud, not only of their amazing achievements at their respective state championships this year, but of how it’s helped them to learn and grow.