Sophia Piraino opens smilesbysophia


Ella Piriano

Sophia Piriano, 10, irons on her designs on a hoodie to sell on her website.

Have you ever wanted to buy a really cute customized piece with an affordable price and don’t need to wait on shipping times, check out smilesbysophia!

I got my inspiration from seeing ideas and people wearing really cute pieces on Pinterest and got inspired. I also just like making things, “said Sophia Piraino (10th)” and spreading the love of making things for other people”.

Making things can be really calming for people and can make them happy when they see the end result of what they made. Sophia makes all kinds of things like jackets/crewnecks and tees. She does really any design you could want.

“I got a white design with a hot pink lightning bolt on it with “not in the mood” on the back with pink letters” said Avery Maronpot (10th). “It’s good to support local businesses because people are buying and selling their own products to make profit and to grow their small businesses”.

Sophia’s prices for customized pieces are really affordable.

“Supporting small businesses can help people make money and it can help your local community and your friends make money,” said Zayna Kahil (9th).

Helping and supporting small businesses is better than shopping from big corporations and companies.

People and their different small businesses get people’s attention in many different ways “We get people to purchase our items by advertising by wearing our clothing and people noticing and asking about it” said Zayna Kahil.

Sophia does this because she wants to make people happy and smile when they receive their item.

Overall shopping small and helping out friends and the community and make them grow is an amazing thing you can do to help someone out with their business.