Painting helps students find a place to call home

With course registration coming up, students can be overwhelmed with the amount of choice when it comes to electives. One of these options to consider is Painting.

Many of the ways life can be beautiful come from the art that surrounds us”

— Tonia Letzo, Art Teacher


Since most students have taken or are taking 2D or 3D art early in their high school careers, many pathways open in the art direction. The main focus of the Painting course is on being able to use a variety of painting mediums. The projects have an emphasis on color and composition. Realistic and abstract styles are practiced frequently. Many consider Painting to be an improvement from 2D art.

Victoria McGrogan is a junior in Painting 1. She says that Painting has, “a lot more interesting projects,” when compared to 2D art. The focus in this class shifts from all the vast 2D mediums to one specific genre of creating: Painting. This could be a reason for the projects to get more in depth.

Many find 2D art to be too distracting to be very enjoyable. Thus, painting has other advantages to 2D art other than the projects themselves. Another student in Painting 1 is Paige Healy. “2D art had people that didn’t want to be there,” They state. “People here are more focused.”

Mrs. Letzo is the teacher of all 2D art classes. This includes Creating 2D Art, Painting 1 and 2, Drawing 1 and 2, AP Drawing, and AP 2D Art and Design. She welcomes all levels of students into her Painting class. Art is a useful skill, and it surrounds us in all walks of life.

Many of the ways life can be beautiful come from the art that surrounds us,” Mrs. Letzo said. “For instance, think about fashion: who designs your favorite clothes or the architecture that surrounds us.”

So when you register for your courses this week, think about art for one of those valuable elective credits you have available.