What ‘Elden Ring’ had in store for the gaming scene


Photo courtesy of FromSoftware.


When you think of big gaming studios, one of the first you will think of is From Software. This company is famous for delivering games nothing short of a masterpiece, with this fame stemming from their most notoriable series, Dark Souls. The influence that From Software has is indisputably big, garnering attention from the whole community and creating a genre of games that can only be described as “souls-like.”

When someone calls a game “souls-like”, it tends to refer to the incredible difficulty associated with the Dark Souls games and the rest of From Software’s big titles.. Elden Ring, From Software’s newest game release, is no exception to this rule of thumb. Initially announced in 2019’s E3, the game would see many delays throughout the years and finally be released on February 25th of this year.

It would be an understatement to say this game was anticipated, with it winning the poll for most anticipated game up until its release. Fans of the Dark Souls series and gamers all around had longed for this game to be in their hands. Just small news on the game could get the whole community in an uproar, making the anticipation for the game dogpile and the journey for it feel like a lifetime.

With the release of Elden Ring, the entire gaming community went up in an uproar, and even with the short amount of time it’s been out, it has revolutionized the community in its whole. Elden Ring currently is the most streamed game on Twitch, out-competing every other game on the platform by a longshot, as well as clearing the game in several playthroughs. The reception of the game has been remarkably positive with a perfect score on IGN and a 4.3/5 on google reviews, even with the extreme review bombing the game has recieved.

Elden Ring is an unmistakingly difficult game, provided with the fact that it’s From Software. The controls are tight and precise, requiring the utmost care in every move or else you can die in only a few hits. There is one major difference about Elden Ring compared to any other title that From Software has released; its expansive open world. Many fans were worried about Elden Ring being able to hold up to what they had expected, especially with the incredibly ambitious direction that the game was taking. 

This game is absurd when compared to what it has accomplished and compared to other major titles that had been released recently not being all that they’ve lived up to. Elden Ring is the prime example of these incredibly difficult ambitions being refined into something that will be remembered for decades, truly reforming the gaming scene.