Annual homecoming parade brings community together


Ben Langevin

CLASS PRIDE. SGA seniors ride on the class of 2022’s float in the annual homecoming parade.


Although the Homecoming Parade is just one of many events throughout Oviedo High School’s Homecoming week, it is no less lively or noteworthy. It may not have the roar of a Friday Night Homecoming Game, or the upbeat tempos of a Homecoming Dance, but in its own uniqueness, it excels in bringing students together to celebrate the togetherness and pride of their school. It is one of the only events of the week that manages to bring together Oviedo citizens of all ages, from all paths of life, to celebrate as one. 

The Homecoming Parade featured various different clubs, teams and classes that had decorated their floats and promenaded their vehicles through various streets near the Oviedo High School area. From the Beta Club to the Homecoming Court and more, each group was able to express themselves and their school spirit through their float decorations, and displayed it to all who attended.

The Student Government Association, along with Teacher Ms. Delong, put months of effort from the beginning of this school year into planning the Homecoming week events and the parade.

“A lot of brainstorming and talk within the leadership class helped bring us the amazing homecoming week we planned this year.” said senior Andrew Christensen.

Not only is the Homecoming Parade a way for students to express their school pride, but it also unifies the school through the process of planning it. Different clubs from all corners of the school pitch in to create the experience to be shared with the school community, all the way from WROR-TV and their event updates to the planning put in by the student government association.

“I believe the homecoming parade gives our multiple school clubs, city groups and events the chance to put themselves out there to the city! It’s so fun to ride around in the float you’ve worked on and see the people in Oviedo as they wave and cheer you on!” says junior Marin Rose.

From an outside view, it is initially difficult to understand why each individual comes together from the usual monotonous activities of a school to celebrate something like Homecoming in a parade, but the spirit of Oviedo High School truly lies within its students and when they are unified for a common celebration, one cannot help but feel included and overcome with pride.