Digital art is real art


Is digital art any less valuable than traditional art? Both take time and effort to create a piece. Not to mention the time and creativity to come up with an idea. Both have their own techniques that take time and practice to master. 

So why is it that some people think digital is less valuable than traditional? They say it takes less time or it can be easily copied by someone else. That digital art has less creativity, which isn’t true, than traditional art. Just because someone is using a different medium than paint or pencils, doesn’t mean it is less creative. But this topic has been going on since digital mediums became a thing.

Digital artists just use a different medium than traditional artists. Both have their pros and cons. Because traditional art has many limitations, that variety from types of mediums, it has little adaptability. And since digital art can mix different types of techniques and still works, it has that adaptability. But digital art is easier to plagiarize compared to traditional art. Prints get made, someone else takes credit. Traditional all have their own unique details that are hard to copy.

However digital art is still considered by many traditional artists as a form of cheating. But these pros and cons don’t lessen the value of either type of art. This doesn’t make one type better than the other.