The Mariah Effect: Christmas starts after Halloween


Year after year, Halloween passes by and immediately after we are bombarded with Christmas. Why? You may ask, this is what I call The Mariah Effect. For as long as I can remember immediately after November begins, so does the Christmas season.

While many dislike this yearly occurrence, I find it very enjoyable. As a society we are very quick to constantly move on to the next thing. Holiday’s are something that get people excited, when we start off the season in October it’s still tame. November is key, fake Christmas trees have begun to be put up. Almost out of nowhere you wake up one day and Michael Buble is the first thing heard on the radio. 

However, the person really making the most bank behind the scenes is our Christmas queen Mariah Carey. As anticipation continues to build, everyone tries to make it past the first week of November without playing her hit song “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. Immediately after playing on the radio, it begins. It’s officially the season of pumpkin, pine, and presents.