Anime ‘One Piece’ recap



One Piece is an anime based on the adventures of a pirate aiming to be king of the pirates Monkey D. Luffy and his crew explore a new world after jumping from a sky island to avoid a man working for the world government. 

Now you may wonder what is One Piece or what is the One Piece, One Piece is a shonen manga and anime based around a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy who ate a devil fruit called the gum gum fruit that he got from shanks a legendary pirate who once sailed on the king of the pirates crew and for a small recap.

Devil Fruits are cursed fruits that give their eaters amazing powers in exchange for swimming as the water rejects the devil fruits powers you also are not able to eat two devil fruits or you will end of dying , the three type of devil fruits are one of them is known as zoan that are mostly based around animal or body transformation like the Uo Uo no mi: model azure dragon this devil fruit is a part of a sub category called mythical devil fruit another mythical devil fruit is the Tori Tori No Mi : Model Phoenix while there is also ancient example a mammoth  and a normal type allowing for normal animals,

The another type of devil fruit is paramecia that has 3 sub categories Body Altercation, Land Altercation and Special, Body Alteration is a common trait of paramecia while a example to land altercation is doflamingo’s awakened devil fruit powers ito ito no mi turning the land around him in to string and Katakuri’s Mochi Mochi No Mi.

An interesting example for a body altercation is Monkey D. Luffy’s Gum Gum powers allowing him to use gears to enhance himself examples are Gear Second Rushing blood in his body allows for him to get faster and even use a perfected Soru, Gear Third allows him to inflate parts of his body to deal more damage in return his body shrinks for a small time, Gear Fourth: Bounce man makes Luffy more bouncy and his upper body gains more size allowing him to pack more of a punch and him being bouncy allows to to mimic flying, Gear Fourth:Tank man allows luffy to make himself to coat most of his body in haki to increase his defensive abilities, Gear 4th:Snake man increases luffy’s attacking speed to where he can hit katakuri who can see 5 seconds into the future this.

The 3rd and final type of devil fruit is Logia, Logia type devil fruits are elemental devil fruits that turn the eaters into the element the fruit represents and allow them to be unhittable if a person does not have armament haki a special type of devil fruit that is thought to be able to allow you to eat two devil fruits the fruit is called the Yami Yami No Mi the english translation is the darkness darkness fruit and that is why it is believed the user of the yami yami no mi was able to eat a second devil fruit because he is a empty void of darkness and it was counteracted by a second devil fruit.