Zachary Scharf turns challenges into successes


Throughout life, multiple people face many challenges. For Zachary Scharf, a junior attending Oviedo High School, one of his biggest challenges was something that’s way out of his control. Scharf is smaller than the average player on the Oviedo Varsity Football team, but his love for the game makes up for that disadvantage. 

Scharf was born and raised in Orlando, Florida. His father played college football for Florida State University as a cornerback, for four years. Hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps, Scharf plays the same position as his father, cornerback.

“I feel like it’s a cool thing that my dad played at the college level,” Scharf said. “It gives me inspiration because I feel like I can strive to be at that level when I get older”.

The average height for a highschool football player is around 5’11” – 6’2”. Scharf falls short of this, standing at 5’5”. He has found plenty of success on the football field however, having stats well above the national average. With stats such as 24 total tackles, and 2 interceptions through 8 games in this season alone.

Even with such amazing stats, players from other teams still doubt both his football and athletic ability. Usually, they doubt him because of his height. But they fail to realize his love and drive for the game easily makes him one of the best players on the Oviedo Varsity Football team. 

“When the other team sees me they doubt me because of my height,” Scharf said. “I just know that they think that I’m not a good player” 

Scharf’s defensive effort is helping the Oviedo football team to a 5-3 record. With his season going well so far, he still wants better stats for himself. Even with his two interceptions on the season right now, he hopes that he will end his season with two more interceptions along with 30 plus tackles. 

“I feel like I’m doing good right now, I have two interceptions and I have had many tackles,” said Scharf.