Progressions of the COVID vaccine for children


Throughout the past year and a half, as the COVID-19 Pandemic affected every corner of the globe, people have been united in the fact that this was something we were experiencing as one. Each person has been and has been concerned for themselves, their family, their friends, and everyone has been affected by this in one way or another. This has taken the form of quarantining or wearing masks, and as of more recently in the process, receiving vaccinations. It has been a difficult transition into what is known as “our new normal”, but with approximately 56% percent of the U.S population and 37% of the global population being vaccinated (according to the CDC COVID Data Tracker), the adjustment has been significantly smoother.

Evidently, this does not include the children aged under 12 years old since there had been no vaccinations released for their age group yet. This has been of major concern for many parents nationally and globally, because despite a child’s stronger immune system, there is still the possibility of sickness (even more-so for children with pre existing conditions such as auto-immune diseases). Fortunately for these concerned parents, developments have been progressing for children’s vaccines and in the U.S the Biden administration has been making plans to have these vaccinations ready to be administered as soon as possible. 

In an article released by the White House,they stated that they “will be ready to begin getting shots in arms in the days following a final CDC recommendation” which is expected to occur within the next week or so. 

What does this mean for families with children ages 5-11? These children could be ready to receive vaccinations for COVID-19 as early as the beginning of November.