Why Don’t We’s “Love Back” brings the boyband back after two years


Web Exclusive 


Pop boy band group Why Don’t We have recently made their comeback after a long break with their new single “Love Back”. With them taking their second break-in 2 years we knew something had to be up. The band gave us transparency with the issue and with all the conspiracy the actual reason why was truly unexpected. 

Why Don’t We’s managers Randy Phillips and David Loeffler had split and filed lawsuits against each other for control over the band as well as their shared businesses Signature Entertainment and PDM III. Why Don’t We refuse to re-sign with Atlantic Records until they were given their sole manager back (Randy Phillips). The members along with some of their family members reappeared on social media with posts regarding the serious management issues they were facing from enforced eating disorders, mental abuse, and unfathomable mistreatment. Fans and families created a social media hashtag #savewdw to spread awareness and let them know we all have their backs. This situation is still unresolved but that did not stop the band from releasing their single “Love Back”.

“Love Back” was released on October 6th, 2021. It’s an upbeat song typical to the band’s usual releases and is a very stereotypical boy band type song. The boys are talking about a past relationship that inevitably failed and now they want their love back. The song really did not do well as it failed to make any of Billboards lists. I think generally it’s a good listen but the public seems to disagree with my opinion.

Overall I’m proud that they are still releasing new music despite the recent drama and I wish them all the best. I think they are very talented young men who have a bright future ahead of them. Hopefully, their future releases will go up from here as I believe their breaks have caused them to lose some relevance.