Is colored hair unprofessional?


Hair dye, is it unprofessional, or does it not matter? Normally the answer doesn’t depend on age, but older adults will say colored hair doesn’t belong in the workforce. While young adults and teens would say it doesn’t matter.

Expression through hair can look very different from style to length, etc. But colored hair is probably the most controversial of these options. Many people see someone with blue hair and assume they have a low-wage job or see someone behind a store counter with colored hair and ask for someone else. 

Are there workforces that unnatural hair isn’t commonly seen? Yes, but that doesn’t mean someone can’t have it. But people would still question someone’s ability to do their job correctly with said hair. Though people will almost never question someone with natural colored hair dye like brown or blonde. It’s hard to tell if someone dyed their hair when it’s a natural color unless the roots are showing. So what’s the difference between unnatural colors? Nothing.

And if they don’t question why a person with dyed hair would be good at their job. People judge them, they say – ‘oh, now why did you do that to your hair?’ – Like the girl or guy ruined their hair. People have other preferences, but they shouldn’t judge others for having different opinions.

Hair is just expressing oneself. The color of someone’s hair doesn’t define someone’s work ethic or life. Mothers can have shaved purple hair or older adults can have red. Age, profession, gender doesn’t matter when it comes to hair.