Varsity cross country’s hard work pays off



The Oviedo Varsity Cross Country Boys team has been hard at work since the start of the summer. Recently the hard work has paid off with a dominant performance at the Katie Caples Invitational 2021. 

Varsity Boys won by a 44 point margin, outperforming all the other teams from across the state. 

“It felt good because last season before most of our runners were out because people were sick or hurt and last season was limited due to covid.” Myles Egerton, who had placed 20th overall and 5th for the lions said.“It was nice seeing are five days of training every week which consist of long runs for endurance, track workouts for speed on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 2 recovery days which are thirty-minute runs and stretching”

Varsity Boys Cross Country trains six months out of the year, five times a week, and you can see their hard work pay off in a dominant performance. Cross Country’s next meet is the “Montverde Invitational” at Montverde Academy. Hopefully, this amazing performance from the Varsity Boy’s Squad will carry over into another victory in the coming weeks.