Adele’s new song “Easy on Me” moves fans



Adele makes a comeback with a new release “Easy On Me” in almost 6 years!! Many people believe that one of the reasons she hasn’t made any new music before is because of her vocals. The song was written by a talented English songwriter and produced by Greg Kurstin. It is said that the single release only hints at a taste of what’s coming next. 

The multi-time Grammy award winner explains on Elle that her new release is similar to her old music. They all tie together to show us the Adele we all know. Though not all can relate to the theme of her song – divorce. We can still enjoy and learn a lot from her. 

She also mentioned that her recent relationship experience has taught her many things about herself. Most people don’t understand why pain and struggles have to occur in one’s life. The answer is simple, so one can learn from previous mistakes. That’s exactly what happened to Adele. 

Every album she has released is named with numbers. They all have a relation to her age. It’s easy to guess that the upcoming album is named after another number – 30. It will talk about her childhood, recently lost marriage, and lessons learned and to be learned about family, love, and abandonment. Adele has shared that the album number shares the age she married her ex-husband Simon Konecki.


The music video already has multiple million views in just a few hours. Fans are loving her creation. The lyrics can really talk to someone who’s been there before. They also talk about what she did for them during the marriage and how she feels now that it’s over. All that put together, the album may be the best she has ever written.