‘Devious licks’ trend targets bathrooms at OHS


Oviedo High School has been a target of the ‘devious licks’ TikTok trend, with mainly the bathrooms having been affected. 

‘Devious licks’ challenge started on the first of September by TikTok user Jugg4elias. The challenge has led to the costly destruction of school property. Students participating in the trend have faced many charges, suspensions, or turned over to law enforcement, and could even be kicked out of school clubs or sports. 

Bathrooms are the most easy to destroy and steal from, as there are no security cameras in them for privacy reasons. Cameras in the halls can’t detect when it happened or who did it, so schools are now asking parents to check their child’s phone and backpacks to find evidence. 

This challenge has affected and created problems for admin and the custodial staff. 

“Would you want someone to come into your own personal bathroom and vandalize it? No. It’s just wrong to destroy public property,” said security officer Mr. Roberson. 

Trends like this can be dangerous, and the people who do these trends don’t seem to care for the consequences.