Alessia Cara drops new album ‘In the Meantime’


The inspiring young artist is known for her hits “Scars To Your Beautiful”, “Stay”, and “Wild Things”.

Not many know about her but she is truly a huge hit. With 3.8M followers on Instagram, her new album release is off the charts. For those who don’t know her, Alessia Cara is a Grammy Award-Winning singer and songwriter. In The Meantime includes 12 new tracks into an 18 song album. 

A few months back “Sweet Dream” as well as “Shapeshifter” were released with their own song covers. This tends to happen a lot, a couple of songs are released before the whole record is out. Most don’t even know why singers release a single before they drop their big album. Well the reason behind that is to get the fans talking and build energy. It also gives the fans a sneak peek into what’s coming next. 

The new album – In The Meantime – was released on Friday, September 24, 2021. The album is not only based on her recent love loss but it also has some songs that are about her everyday life and are upbeat. 

According to the songwriter “Shapeshifter” is based off of her recent relationship and fantasy. And she also shares that “Sweet Dream” is about her struggle with insomnia, hardships and helplessness in the last couple of years on billboard news. It’s mentioned that she wrote Sweet Dream at the time when she was having a hard time sleeping.

Like Taylor Swift, Alessia Cara is constantly trying to find love. Not all relationships are a success but many young fans can relate to her love life. And this is why her tracks are such big hits. Since many have unfortunately experienced a heartbreak at some point in their lives, they may relate to her new album and their own unique way, causing an influx in popularity.