Seniors reflect on newly gained right to vote

This story was originally published in the second edition of The Lion’s Tale (November 6, 2020).

With everything that has happened in the horrifying adventure we know as the year 2020, the Presidential election has been dubbed as the season finale of a crazy reality. This election is going down as one of the most monumental and important presidential elections of our generation and this time around, Gen Z gets to play a huge part in deciding how our country will be run and changed in the next four years. Many of our seniors throughout the country-as well as a majority of our seniors at Oviedo High School-will be doing their part as citizens of the nation and voting…

Seniors at OHS have been researching, watching and sadly, stressing over the events playing out leading up to the announcement of who will be elected as the 46th president of the United States. Many students voting for the first time will be using their voices to vote in the most important election of our nation. There are many seniors on the other hand, who could not.

Senior Maizie King is one of the seniors who has a late birthday and did not meet the deadline for the election. She said “I think that it definitely would have given me some relief to feel like I made a difference by voting, although I did do a lot of research since a lot of the media portrays fake news.”

King used her voice in other ways to try and help make an impact during the campaign by doing research and posting on socials to spread awareness.

The seniors who could not have the opportunity to vote in this year’s presidential election used their voice in a multitude of ways to help their community and do their part as US citizens. Those who were able to vote also used their voices in other ways.

“Before voting,” Senior, Kenny Aponte, said, “I thoroughly researched the views and actions both presidential candidates have taken and believed in during their campaign for president-elect of 2020.”

Making sure you do the proper research and paying attention to details when it comes to elections like this one can make a very big difference. Without the proper research, many would vote based off of personal bias or falsehoods they hear or see on social media and news.

Aside from the research, many young voters cast their votes based on what they would like to see change in their country, whether it be good or bad.

Aponte, after doing his research, found his candidate. “I placed my trust into Joe Biden to unite our divided country,” he said. “I’m looking forward to what he can do for the American people, regardless of party affiliation or background to create and maintain the beautiful, safe, protected, healthy and great country that America is and should continue to be.”