Kammeraad recieves recognition as teacher of the year

This story was originally published in the second edition of The Lion’s Tale (November 6, 2020).

For the 2021-2022 school year, the staff and administration at Oviedo High School awarded Mrs. Kammeraad teacher of the year for her incredible intelligence, dedication and compassion for teaching. She is admired and appreciated by many of her students and fellow teachers and staff. She is widely viewed as a versatile educator, instructing Advanced Placement Language and Composition and English 1 as well as being the English department chair.

“Kammeraad leads with her head and heart.” Dr. Trent Daniel, Oviedo High School’s Principal, said. “She was instrumental in helping the department stay coordinated with assessments and expectations.”

Kammeraad believes teaching is not just a job, but a responsibility to implement life-long skills to ensure her students become successful adults. She values the ideas that students deserve to be seen and heard.

“Teaching is a relationship. If we aren’t enjoying our time together; if we aren’t all feeling important and able to share our thoughts and ideas in a safe environment, then learning can be difficult.” Kammeraad said.

She makes students’ comfort levels a priority in the classroom which is vital to maintaining a growth mindset throughout the school year.  When students feel more comfortable, they are more likely to participate and engage in class discussions. This benefits all students by allowing them to hear others’ perspectives and ideas on a topic.

Not only have Mrs. Kammeraad’s students learned an immense amount from her, she has gleaned something from them. Whether it’s educational or personal, she has learned how to read students and become flexible to accommodate their needs.

“Teaching is a delicate balancing game and teachers have to be able to recognize when they will get the most growth from students.” Kammeraad explained.

She has found the perfect balance for her classroom, making sure all students feel confident with their work. This mindset stood out to Dr. Daniel, as well as her efforts to help the school through COVID-19.

“She volunteered to teach more Advanced Placement courses when several of our teachers chose to teach at SCVS during the pandemic.” Dr. Daniel said.

Having a productive and positive attitude helped Mrs. Kammeraad stand out amongst her colleagues. Stepping up during this pandemic proved how determined she is to provide the most support and help to all students and staff.

Mrs. Kammeraad hopes that students leave her class not only prepared for college and AP Literature, but also with a positive outlook on learning. She hopes all her pupils are excited and enthusiastic about their education in the future.

The connection between student and teacher is one of the most important parts of learning, and Mrs. Kammeraad makes this a priority. Learning and developing skills becomes much easier when the student can easily trust and communicate with their teacher.

“Without a doubt, the relationship I have with my students is my favorite part about teaching, ” Kammeraad said.

Being a teacher does not mean just standing at the front of a classroom lecturing, but building relationships with students and helping them become successful and respectful young adults. Mrs. Kammeraad has been influenced by the world of schooling from a very young age, since her mom was also a teacher. She believes her mom is her biggest inspiration because she watched her take education further than simply standing in front of a class and reading a lesson.

“She gave them the gift of love and being valued,” Kameraad said. “Students remember how you made them feel more than the content you teach.”