Absence of pep rallies causes disappointment for some


RIP pep rallies

This story was originally published in the first edition of The Lion’s Tale (October 6, 2020).

Pep rallies at Oviedo High School are nothing short of tradition to ring in the upcoming football season. With the consideration of Dr. McDonald, one of OHS’ assistant principals, riding into the rally on top of Mr. Maitland dressed in the Oviedo Lion mascot costume; it’s easy to say that this year would’ve been very hard to beat. With the COVID-19 pandemic reeking havoc in communities across the nation, the entire country has been affected, including our small town of Oviedo. Pep rallies represent an array of different meanings to the students, faculty, teaching staff and the community.

There are hundreds of different aspects that come into play when organizing the school’s pep rallies. A large amount of these factors have been affected due to the pandemic. Not only has the school begun its football season without the classic dogpile at the beginning of every rally, but the band, dance, color guard and cheer teams haven’t been able to perform their shows and stunts.

“Pep rallies with the team and the band were always a fun way to rally up school spirit, hang out with friends and get ready for the Friday night football games that came after them,” said junior and color guard team captain Stella Lueck. 

Pep rallies are indeed school spirit packed events that have been known to hype up not only the student body, but also the fall athletes that are recognized at the rallies, including members of the football, volleyball, tennis, bowling, dance and cheer teams.

“For me personally, I valued being with the team and having fun doing our cheers and dances more than I valued the praise and admiration; feeling the applause and intensity from the student sections was praise enough,” Lueck said.

The student sections are indeed feeling empty this pep rally season, and this is a disappointment for all of the new incoming freshmen and exchange students who were looking forward to this aspect of the high school experience.

Whether or not OHS will have pep rallies in the spring is yet to be determined, although many hope this tradition will return. As for now, the students and staff, as well as the community, are finding other ways to celebrate their school spirit. 

One way to display this spirit and support the school is to buy Oviedo Lion merchandise. This can be done at the school store, the Friday afternoon spirit stores, before and during the football games, and online at the Oviedo High School website.