Editorial: Why we think teachers deserve recognition



As the nation celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week, educators around the country continue to provide support and care for students through computer screens. They work long hours for very little recognition, until now. Here are some of the reasons we think they deserve more credit.

While teachers are the primary drivers of their students’ education, they also play an important role in the development of kids into well-rounded young men and women. As they spend hours each day with their students, in some cases more time than the kids have with their own parents, teachers have the opportunity to shape their values and character. Whether it be through resolving a conflict, or simply telling a funny story, educators impart valuable life lessons and share what they learned through their own success and failures, preparing students for their entrance into the adult world. Society owes teachers a great deal for helping form the leaders and problem-solvers of the future. – Patrick Costello, Editor-in-Chief

Teachers should be appreciated much more than they already are because of how much they contribute to every student’s life. If it was not for them, many of us would be without a future because of the lack of skills we wouldn’t have learned. The one time a year that teachers are supposed to be celebrated and most don’t even say thanks. So, I think that we need to do more to say thank you to our teachers because without them we would have nothing and be nothing. They are the only ones who help us succeed in this new age. And teachers aren’t the only ones who help us, but also the lunch ladies, janitors and principals: everyone helps us because without them we wouldn’t have food for our brains, clean places to work or safe places to attend classes. Thanks to all of these people, we get to learn and have fun and follow our dreams and without them we could all be a mess. – Owen Francis, Reporter

I always would dread my name being called in front of the entire class: I’d have the choice of either embracing it or anxiously correcting the teacher. School was of course a nightmare zone because of that fact alone. Between raising my hand and attendance it made it hard to be there. I’d participate less and keep quiet until the bell rang, it affected my academic performance. But Oviedo High School is a different story. Not only do the teachers at OHS make accommodations for learning, but for LGBT students. As a pre-op trans male, I was bound to get misgendered a lot, but my teachers had my back. I am very thankful for the open mindedness of our teachers, I always felt safe and respected in my learning environment. – Jayson Metevier, Contributing Writer

Teachers are extremely dedicated. They spend countless hours planning lessons, grading assignments, tutoring students and teaching in school, along with millions of other things. They don’t stop working once the final bell rings. Teachers often work over weekends and vacations, constantly striving to create learning environments to meet each of their students’ needs. Everything they do is for the benefit of their students. The sheer amount of effort they put in every single day to do their jobs is absolutely mind-blowing. Teachers play one of the most important roles in society, and they aren’t recognized for that enough. Teachers, thank you for all the work you do. It doesn’t go unnoticed. – Mia Johnson, Contributing Writer

Teachers should get more recognition for what they do because they are the reason for society getting careers and being successful. Personally, I do not think they get paid enough for all their hard work and they should get more credit. Without teachers, nobody would be as successful as they are and they would not have the knowledge they do, which is an essential part of their lives. Teachers are amazing: I am so grateful for all my teachers for what they do and how they support me and all their students. – Taylor Haul, Contributing Writer

Teachers are one of the most influential people in our lives. Thanks to them we get an education. We receive steps we can use to deal with life head-on. They give time from their lives to teach and give us the necessary tools so we can eventually get jobs. Teachers also give us stories and experiences that we can relate to or learn from. They deal with us almost everyday and they try to be good role models for us. We really need to appreciate them for everything that they do for us even when we don’t notice it. – Viviana Perez Diaz, Contributing Writer

Teachers are some of the most important people in the world. They are in charge of molding the minds of kids, teens and even adults. Most teachers work really hard for their students, and they help students accept and love learning. All teachers leave lasting impacts on each of their students, and each and every one will be remembered by their students for life. Teachers should always be appreciated no matter what because they are taking to time to teach complex concepts and ideas to people, and they also make students feel safe and accepted. They don’t get enough recognition for that. – Angela Sainz Aponte, Contributing Writer

Teachers are always working so hard every day, they deserve all the appreciation we can give. They’re constantly preparing lessons for us, grading our work and putting up with dozens of teens. Teachers are some of the most influential people in our lives. They make sure we’re equipped with the proper skills we need to be successful in the future. They make it a point to help us and prevent us from falling behind. A lot of students don’t realize how important teachers are. We complain and groan, but later on we’ll remember just how much they impacted us. Even in these tough times, our teachers are working tirelessly to ensure that we still get our education, while still making sure we aren’t too overwhelmed. Where would we be without them? – Lily Seda, Contributing Writer

Just like the students at Oviedo High School, teachers show up everyday and do what they are obligated to do. They even have homework, too. However, whether it’s 8:00 a.m. or 12:00 p.m., they are always there to teach and support us. I think many students don’t recognize that teachers are going through many of the same things we are, yet they tackle their problems with as much positivity and thoughtfulness as they can. Dozens of students are in their classes each day, but they can always find a way to have a personal connection with each one, and help them achieve academic success. We have our whole life ahead of us, and the teachers we grow up with build the foundation for that, and I think that is something that should be greatly appreciated. – Delaney Warner, Contributing Writer

Teachers are the main reason for why we have doctors, dentists and basically every job. They teach us how to read, write and other very important subjects. Everyone needs to be more appreciative of them. Teachers go out of their way to do things they don’t have to do for us. For example, they buy materials out-of-pocket for us. They decorate their classrooms instead of making them a boring learning environment. They also try their best to make their lessons as fun as they can be for us. Teachers do many things that some people don’t recognize, and when your teacher does the little things, make sure you say thank you next time. – Emma Tagye, Contributing Writer