Cheap quarantine activities you should plan for summer


Illustration by Brianna Bibona


As summer 2020 is creeping closer for students, many people have had to cancel summer plans now that the pandemic has taken over. However, you can still do activities you love during social distancing, with just a few small tweaks to make them safer. Here are five safe summer activities you and are your families can use during summer break:

Have a picnic.

If you have a backyard, you can take a blanket, lay it on the ground and lay out your beverages and snacks. If you make some lemonade and sandwiches, and cut up some watermelon, it’ll feel even more like a summer activity. Even if you can’t be with your friends, at least you can Facetime them and talk to them while you are on your picnic.  

Spend more time with siblings.

With all the extra time during summer vacation, you can spend more time with siblings than during the school year. Maybe this includes playing soccer or basketball outside, or cooling off in the living room with a couple of board games. This is a time to cherish the relationships you have with your family, and using this time to connect will ultimately bring you joy during these summer months. 

Stay active and exercise. 

Exercising is a must to keep in shape during summer, so I would suggest a place where you know there would not be around a lot of people. Go bike riding, skateboarding or just walk along a trail. If you must go with your friends to have fun, be sure to keep your distance. For example, if you go biking, let each person be ahead of each other so there’s six feet of distance between you.

Plan a “theme park” trip.

Instead of spending money on Disney or Universal tickets, create your own at home. Roll out a plastic tarp and your garden hose to create a water slide in the front lawn. Fill up water balloons for your own family water fight showdown. Order some sidewalk chalk online and create an obstacle course down your driveway. Who says you need rollercoasters to have a good time?

Bake up some new recipes in the kitchen.

You can whip up some deserts like cookies, cupcakes or brownies at home to escape a particular hot summer day. Try finding a new recipe online and give it a go by yourself, or even create a baking competition with your family. There are countless opportunities, and in the end, you get to have a sweet treat, so it’s double the fun.