Tips to stay productive during distance learning


The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly altered life as we know it in the United States, forcing the closure of schools, businesses and churches, and leading to the rise of social distancing measures. For high school students, this means transitioning to distance learning, in which all instruction, assignments and tests are conducted online. Adjusting to this new learning environment can be difficult, so I’ve prepared some tips to stay organized and productive during the hiatus.

Set a bedtime and wake-up time to adhere to.

This will help you create a routine to follow consistently, ensuring you have enough time to work and bringing some structure to each day. I recommend beginning school work between 9:00 and 9:15 AM.

Choose a place to work that’s not your bedroom.

You’re likely to get distracted if you try to work in your bedroom, so pick another room in the house where you can be productive for long periods of time. This way, your bedroom can be set aside for relaxation and free time.

Create a plan.

List what assignments you need to complete and work on each day. This will keep you on schedule and prevent you from leaving things to the last minute.

Monitor eCampus and Skyward.

eCampus is the primary mode of communication between students and teachers right now, so check it frequently for announcements and new assignments. Also, check Skyward to make sure everything is as expected with grades.

Take advantage of reviews and web conferences.

Make sure to attend live lectures and other sessions if your teacher has them. The College Board has released review materials for AP students as well.